Save the Suit | Ermeneglido Zegna


Photography by Harris Kyprianou

Wearing:  Everything by Ermenegildo Zegna via AMICCI  |

It seems like sportswear-inspired clothing is taking over menswear leaving suits in a rather awkward extincting position. I mean ok I get it, unless the situation really calls for it, most guys out there are more inclined to put on a tee, jeans, and some Nikes than to fuss with a button-up, a tie, and a pair of longwings. Even when the situation calls for it, like a red carpet appearance, men, even the famous ones (like A$AP Rocky) choose sporty and casual over suiting up. Gods of fashion help us, the end of the suit is upon us

Me, well I like to think myself as a new traditionalist. I love to obsess over the minutiae of my wardrobe: where pants should break over the shoes, the best knot for my tie…I love suits, even when heading to work I am more likely to suit up formal or semi-formal. It makes me feel…dapper.

My latest quest for suited excellence, led me, once again, at Amicci’s door. Ermenegildo Zegna and I joined forces to “Save the Suit”. Consider this post as one part of my “Save the Suit” campaign.

When I go formal I go for that GQ form-fitting look that only the best tailored suits can achieve and Zegna never fails to deliver!

Suit up guys! It makes you look sexy and sophisticated.


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