Photography by Panayiotis Nikolaou


How special and unique days are birthday days. It is a restart, a second chance. A chance to start over, to set goals, to reboot, to send wishes to the stars.

After many years (if you exclude the mummy-birthday parties) I decided to celebrate. And it was a celebration of one of the best years of my life. A life-changing year I would say. 25th of June. In the middle of the summer, a tropical all white themed party, sounded just great.

What a magical night. I don’t know if it was the summer breeze, my awesome friends, the Belvedere, or maybe a bit of all. (Ok. The Vodka did most of the work!) Everything was how I imagined it. All my friends and family were there with their best attitude, despite the bad sweating, my balloons were blowing over Blue Martini, the drinks kept coming, the candles were off, the wishes were sent over to the skies, and then we laughed and danced until the very first sunrays of sun. And that was it. I was officially a 23 year old with the heart of a child. What I wish to all of you is to be surrounded with people like mine; the crazy wild ones.

At the end of the day,

We age not by years, but by stories. And I sure as hell, have a lot of stories to tell about that night!

To another 23!


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