Speaking The Language Of Abstraction


“And you will go on

searching for the best of you

and you will never find it,

but that is the point.

Do not miss the point.

Missing it will make

the beautiful struggle useless.

And believe me you need it.

It is what will make you.

The fact that you will keep

trying to find the perfect you,

The perfect moment

and connection and love.

And you will die trying.

We will all die trying.

t26But that’s the goddamn point.

To never stop searching

for the things that remind you

how to feel, how to live

and how to die the right way,

your way.


The only way to do things.

(Go On, Robert M. Drake)tp6tp7









Today’s post is a little different than others. I’ve been thinking for days what should the text of this post be. And while scrolling through the pictures I got it. I found what is the one thing that connects me with my dear Vasileia M. Anaxagorou. We all go through this life, looking for something to make us feel alive, something that shows us the meaning of all this. And that’s it. Art for Vasileia is the way she chose to express herself. Fashion is my medium of experimentation and exploration; the way I choose to express my self. The way Vasileia observes the world and expresses feelings, memories, experiences or worries through her paintings is outstanding.

Art is what makes her feel alive. That’s what we are all looking for in life, right?

The aesthetics of both of us came together perfectly and matched like a glove with the enviroment of Edem’s Yard. It was the perfect morning.

It is always a pleasure working with people like Vasilia. Please go follow her, get some inspiration and show her some love here:


Facebook page  



Dear Vasileia, you are inspiring. Thank you.

Thank you Edem’s Yard for having us.



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